The "school" year's started!

And with that our season officially starts as well! After an amazing kick off with the BRAND NEW video from Flicker Pictures, and a great show at the Ventura Pride Week, our calendar starts filling up :) There is going to be a few things that I'm really excited to announce very very soon this year!

For now we want to invite you all to a last minute booking at the new hot place in LA. "The Dragonfly"  is where sh*t's going down these days, and we've been invited to play with our LA brother band MAL

Tuesday , Spetember the 17th is the day! Start time is 8pm, and as the invitees we are starting the night! Also appearing that night are: MAL, KOLM and AFTER . 

Its a 21+ venue, and there is a $5 fee. 

We are looking fwd to an exciting night full of energy!  

We Govern We is having a Video Wrap and Release Party!!

We will be releasing out latest video for the track "Mulligan's Island" on August 17th at Zoey's Cafe in Ventura Ca.  

This event will be free to attend and all ages! 

The Band "The Terns" will be playing from 7pm till 8pm/We will show a slideshow video before and between the video is shown 8pm-845pm/The Party will have the Patio from 9pm till Close

Dinner !!

While we are "baking" 2 new tracks, why don't we start Dinner with a traditional appetizer? Our beloved director/filmmaker Yannis Zafeiriou, just finished this new flick called Dinner, and wanted to use the wegovernwe song oh!Tiger from the first album "Reznor's Orchid". The result is great and you can see it here

Enjoy, if you like , share and comment, thumb up etc etc, you know the rest :)

Happy Halloween!

New music... coming! As of October 2012 , we are glad to announce that we have finished recording and are currently mixing down, 2 new tunes. You might have had the chance to glimpse those two new songs on our recent live shows. "Bon Jovi's House" and "Sunshine" are going to be released online pretty soon :) Check back soon for more details !