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We Govern We – Zano

Just beyond the boundaries of the Los Angeles city limits, and situated along the 101, is the coastal city of Ventura, California where the alternative rock band, We Govern We, has taken root in recent years. Busy with adult lives of paying bills and raising families, the members of the band find time to continue to nurse their project.

Now, the new sophomore album, Zano, has already produced one single, “Red Rover,” which received over 6K plays on SC alone in just a few weeks after its release in January.

With whip-like beats, sultry vocals, pensive lyrics and sonar-like sounding electro vibes and grinds, “Red Rover” is hard not to listen to; it draws you in, and it’s just one of a number of standout tracks on the album – WGW’s follow-up to the celebrated 2011 debut, Reznor’s Child.

The No Doubt-like verve on the band’s cover of “Punk Rocker,” plus the cinematic rock of “Mulligan’s Island” (the video for which came out years ago and received various nominations), the uplifting verve of “Sunshine,” and the brooding, slow burn rocker, “Grey Sea,” all lend their own unique contributions to the EP as a whole. There is a sense of mystery and even mysticism in the sounds and vocals throughout the EP – one its numerous allures.

MP3”Red Rover” – We Govern We from Zano

WGW’s sophomore EP demonstrates the band’s musical and lyrical maturation process just since their debut. As founders, and husband and wife, Panos Scourtis (guitar) and Anna Karakalos (vocalist, songwriter), like to say that WGW was “born in Greece and raised in California.”

The other experienced and talented members of the band include guitarist Alexis Cohen, bassist Adrian Burke and drummer John Boutin to solidify the band’s percussion.

Album Stream: Listen to Zano via the band’s official website

WGW dropped its acclaimed debut album, Reznor’s Child, produced by Daniel Ash (Bauhaus, Love & Rockets), in 2010. Previously in the popular Greek rock band, Sigmatropic, Scourtis and Karakalos have toured Europe and opened for artists like Moby, Sonic Youth and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

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